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Issue Ten cover


Issue ten (2020) features long-form fiction, essays, poems, hybrid work, and interviews about climate change.


Work by: Rebecca Cammenga, Gregory Crosby, Timothy Fab-Eme, Bex Gobran, Victoria Rego, Emry Sunderland, Hsien Min Toh, Heather Tourgee, Brigit Truex, Fatima van Hattum, Stephanie Walker


Interviews with: Deneen Simpson (Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection) and Leslie Fields (Sierra Club)



Issue Nine cover, sets of white men in top hats holding guns, striking various poses communicating an in-progress duel


Issue nine (2019) features long-form poems, stories, essays, and hybrid work about growing up in Korea during the Gulf War, not being black or white enough when you’re both, the ways our own lives haunt us before our deaths, weighing professional success against personal regret, and building a family history from rumor, humor, and interviews.


Work by: Devon Balwit, Sam Cha, Abby Minor, Matthew Morris, and Buku Sarkar.




Issue Eight cover, an adult sparrow whose legs are tied to a nail and tangled with crayons is hanging dead from its legs below the nail, and above the nail is a rainbow drawn in crayon


Issue eight (2018) features long-form poems and stories about homophobia in Germany during World War II, a young woman attending her father’s third wedding, the language of online harassment and trolling, the realities of growing up in South Africa and spending adulthood in the US, and the haunted daily life of a Syrian refugee in New York.


Fiction by: Michael Keefe and Anna Carolyn McCormally.

Poetry by: Danielle Mitchell, Aaron Brown, and Danielle Mitchell.




A white woman with long hair facing right wears a microphone headset, and to her right is a pink stripe with white text that reads apt issue seven


Issue seven (2017) features long-form poems and stories about wanting a child to the point of delusion, defying anti-black racism and misogyny, growing up in poverty in 1980s New England, the pop culture lens through which we view romantic losses, and turning to sabotage (namely arson, maybe murder) after losing a loved one in a traumatic car accident.


Fiction by: Joanna Ruocco and Sonja Condit.

Poetry by: Doug Paul Case, Gregory Crosby, and Krysten Hill.




A blue rectangle with six yellow sixes reads apt, issue six, Long Poetry


Issue six (2016) is comprised solely of long form-poems, which range from the internal monologue of an obsessively devoted swimmer, to the lifelong (so far) confessions of a teacher and amateur snake-handler, to the sparse diary of a devoted spouse of a young woman who’s had a stroke, to the otherworldly lives of the people in The Land of Milk and Honey.

Poems by: Dan Brady, Gillian Devereux, Tracy Dimond, Kurt Klopmeier, Peter Myers, Elizabeth Wade, and Matthew Zingg.




A cream-colored rectangle with red and blue text reads Life is short, Fiction is long, Love live long fiction


Issue five (2015) is dedicated entirely to long-form fiction. Stories about a sociologist/bus driver who nearly runs down a girl his wife then adopts, a pianist accompanying silent films finds herself getting tangled in the plot, a mother in hiding with her two young children returns from an arctic forest, three sisters find their soulmates reincarnated after their father murders them in human form, and a young woman sets off to find her absentee father much to her mother’s dismay.

Fiction by: Colleen Cable, Elizabeth Chandler, Kendra Fortmeyer, William Hillyard, and Matt Jones.




A black and white photo of a person looking through binoculars; the bottom right corner of the photo reads APT


Issue four (2014) is our surveillance issue. (Do you feel watched?) Our final print issue featuring short work combines short stories, poems, and essays about the ways we’re taught to watch ourselves and each other—morally, professionally, inside and out.

Featuring work by: Melissa Barrett, Sam Cha, Priya Chandrasegaram, Amanda Chiado, Gregory Crosby, C.E. Garrett, Pat Hanahoe-Dosch, Ben Gunsberg, Krysten Hill, Danielle Jones-Pruett, Suzanne Lee, Kate Nacy, Kevin O’Cuinn, Emily O’Neill, Nikola Petković, Samuel Piccone, April Ranger, Matt Thompson, Michael Thurston, and Justin Waldron.




A pink rectangle shows a drawing of a prototype for a flying machine


Issue three (2013) was our last themeless issue! Flash fiction, poems, short stories, essays, and hybrid work abounded.

Featuring work by: Sue Allison, Alison Baker, Meredith Coonce, Mary Kate Flannery, Faith Gardner, Christian Anton Gerard, Alec Hershman, Rachel Hinton, Katherine Blaine Hurley, Nicolette Kittinger, David Koehn, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Delaney Nolan, Thomas Nowak, Andrew Plattner, Alexis Pope, Nate Pritts, Scott Ragland, Anne Marie Rooney, Amy Schulz, Derek Sugamosto, Denise Warren, and Andy Yeh.




A sepia image of two transparent figures, one in the foreground and one in the background, create an optical illusion wherein it's impossible to tell who is following whom


Issue two (2012) had poem-essays, footnotes with footnotes, stories about parties and bears, poems that were reminders to murder the sun, and so much more.

Featuring work by: Maureen Alsop, Julie Baber, Lindsay Coleman, Molly Curtis, Tara Deal, Gillian Devereux, Jaydn DeWald, Nate House, Philip Kobylarz, Breonna Krafft, Jessica Maybury, Robert McNally, Clayton Michaels, Thomas Mundt, Lauren Nicole Nixon, Thomas Nowak, Lam Pham, Eric Rawson, Courtney Cullinan Robb, Noel Sloboda, Joel Wayne, Russ Woods, and Ashley Zirkle.




A black and white photograph of a ship/carnival ride where the ship swings between the viewer and the sun


Issue one (2011). Our foray into print. We had comics. Paintings. Fancy illustrations. This is how we met Dolan Morgan!

Featuring work by: Brian Bahouth, David Bartone, Franco Belmonte, Jimena Berzal de Dios, Liam Day, Shannon Derby, Cyndi Gacosta, Carissa Halston, Christina Kapp, J.F. Lynch, Seann McCollum, Dolan Morgan, Robin E. Mørk, Pete Mullen, Randolph Pfaff, Vincent Scarpa, Janelle M. Segarra, N. A’Yara Stein, and Curtis Tompkins.






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