Submission Guidelines


apt is currently closed to submissions.


General Submission Information



Authors included in print issues of apt will receive a $50 payment and a copy of the issue.


Acceptance Rates & Response Times

Please know that we will end up accepting very few submissions overall. Historically, we’ve published a small percentage of the submissions we read. This is a result of multiple factors: the high volume of submissions, our perceptions and tastes as readers and editors, and the way we build each issue so that the accepted work coheres into something more than a collection of individual voices.

As writers, we appreciate the courage it takes to send work out for publication and we understand the disheartening feeling of getting the “thanks, but no thanks” email in response. While we accept very few of the submissions we receive, we read each one with the care it deserves and that you deserve for creating something and sending it out into the world.

All submissions will receive a response within 90 days.


How to Submit

We only read submissions sent through our online submission manager.

Include a brief bio (30 words or fewer) written in the third person.

Simultaneous submissions are fine. Let us know if your work has been accepted elsewhere.



What We Do Not Want from You

Previously published material.

Writing about writing. Stories about writers. Poems about poetry.

Any work that is racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, hateful, etc.


Legal/Rights Info

We reserve first printing rights, including publication in apt in both printed and ebook formats, and the right to excerpt portions of accepted work online in order to promote you, your work, and the journal. The copyright for work published by apt is always held by its authors. If we publish your work on the website, we reserve first North American electronic publication rights and the right to keep it here in archives indefinitely. All other rights remain property of the author. If you want to reprint any work that originally appeared in apt, we ask that you credit the author and the publication.