Announcing Our Climate Change Special Issue

apt issue 10 cover

We’re pleased to announce that our tenth print issue, focused entirely on climate change, is now available.

We know that the last couple of months have been a difficult time for so many, our staff included. The world looked very different when we began working on this issue. Now, as we face a different kind of crisis, it would be easy to put other monumental challenges on the back burner. If this pandemic has taught us anything, though, it’s that we’re all deeply connected and we cannot solve one problem while ignoring others. The overlapping, intersecting problems of our world—coronavirus, climate change, economic inequality, racism, human rights, and so many more— must be viewed as systemic challenges that call for coordinated action to find solutions.

We hope that the stories, poems, essays, and visual art in this issue contribute to our shared understanding of the impacts that climate change has on people, cultures, and the natural world.



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