Announcing apt 9, Pushcart Prize nominations, and #GivingTuesday

Dear readers,

It’s our favorite time of year: time to announce our upcoming print issue!

The ninth print annual of apt will feature longform work by Devon Balwit, Sam Cha, Abby Minor, Matthew Morris, and Buku Sarkar; and a cover illustration by Robin E. Mørk! Order your copy today, and save $2 during the presale! All preorders will ship by January 20.

It’s also nomination season! Every year, we comb through the best of apt‘s best to choose our nominees for the Pushcart Prize, and we’re thrilled to announce our choices for this year:

John Bonanni “Pink”

Sam Cha “ANTHEM”

Kimberly Crafton “To the Albanian Man Leading His Cows across Traffic”

Ferris Wayne McDaniel “Fell Alone Forever”

Travis Tate “Ablution”

Christine Taylor “Charade”

Congratulations to all our nominees—be sure to check out their work!


And finally, today is Giving Tuesday, the day when non-profits the world over ask you to send money their way. If you don’t already know, apt is part of Aforementioned Productions, a non-profit organization co-founded and run by our EIC, Carissa Halston.

Just like Aforementioned, this journal is run, almost entirely, on the steam of one person. She reads every submission, edits every post, writes every grant proposal, emails every contributor, designs the books inside and out, tracks every subscription, mails almost every order, and she does all of that for free. She also has help from Senior Editor, Randolph Pfaff, who mails orders, and designs covers, and proofreads, and shares in the incredibly difficult process of choosing writing to nominate for prizes, while also providing great business insight, and also working for free. Without these editors, dear reader, you wouldn’t be reading this post.

So, here they are—here we are—asking for your support. If you have the means, we’d be immensely grateful for your donation. Also, if you donate to Aforementioned & apt any time between now and December 31, your gift will go even further! PayPal Giving Fund will cover all donation fees and add 1% to all donations made through Aforementioned’s page.

But even if you can’t donate (and we’ve been there—again, we work for free), it would mean so much if you could spread the word about our fundraising drive. With your help, we can keep publishing and promoting writing as social action, and supporting the work of great writers throughout 2019!

Thanks for taking time to read this, and for reading the journal. We turned 13 years old last month, and we wouldn’t have made it this far without our enthusiastic readership.

With gratitude and good wishes,

Carissa Halston and Randolph Pfaff
Aforementioned Productions and apt

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