Volume Two, Issue Four

January 2014
138 pages, perfect bound
ISBN 9780982374191
ISSN 2159-2446
PDF: approx 1.3MB

Print: $10


PDF: $5




Melissa Barrett’s “What Are Words If the Government Has No Meaning?” and “Yours”

Sam Cha’s “[Seoul, June 1995, Night],” “[Harvard Square, Marathon Day 2013],” “For My Mother, with Ellipses”

Priya Chandrasegaram’s “How to Spoil Your Daughters During a Civil War”

Amanda Chiado’s “On Being Blank” and “Holding On”

Gregory Crosby’s “Fake Tattoos”

C.E. Garrett’s “Plaint for the Meteorite”

Pat Hanahoe-Dosch’s “Blowing Bubbles”

Ben Gunsberg’s “Verisimilitude” and “Currency”

Krysten Hill’s “Widow’s Advice” and “Sidewalk”

Danielle Jones-Pruett’s “Blush”

Suzanne Lee’s “The Great Unabduction”

Kate Nacy’s “I Fuck You in the Head”

Kevin O’Cuinn’s “Sailors Taking Girls Upstairs Must Pay Here First”

Emily O’Neill’s “Pavlov” and “On Giving Up Your Ghost”

Nikola Petković’s‎ “Silenzonne”

Samuel Piccone’s “Sleeping in Space”

April Ranger’s “Winter Solstice Anthem” and “Massachusetts Spring”

Matt Thompson’s “P.O.W.”

Michael Thurston’s “Killing the Cat”

Justin Waldron’s “Meat”