Volume Two, Issue Two

January 2012
130 pages, perfect bound
ISBN 9780982374160
ISSN 2159-2446
PDF: approx 1.3MB


Print: $10

PDF: $5



Maureen Alsop’s “Taromancy” and “Elegy within Alphitomancy”

Julie Baber’s “Not Quite Stars”

Lindsay Coleman’s “Last Party” and “Bear-Complex”

Molly Curtis’s “Send Your Army of Ghosts to the Hardware Store” and “Wind Is the Sculptor of All of This”

Tara Deal’s “Long Weekend” and “All is Well”

Gillian Devereux’s “About the Grandparents” and “About the Cat”

Jaydn DeWald’s “Four Variations on a Theme by Lydia Davis”

Nate House’s “Fertile”

Philip Kobylarz’s “Fishing for Television”

Breonna Krafft’s “I Have Been Thinking about the Ocean”

Jessica Maybury’s “DISPLACEMENT”

Robert McNally’s “Meditatio de Merda Canaria” and “Last Ditch”

Clayton Michaels’s “[4] MONSTER”

Thomas Mundt’s “Let’s Play Bomb Scare”

Lauren Nicole Nixon’s “rupture,” “root, root,” and “this’ll sound better flat”

Thomas Nowak’s “The TeenYears for Jesus” and “Please Accept These Poems God”

Lam Pham’s “German for Beginners”

Eric Rawson’s “Vexed Issue” and “Trail Level”

Courtney Cullinan Robb’s “Formula for Grief”

Noel Sloboda’s “Bequest Narrative,” “Matched,” and “Prospera in Suburbia”

Joel Wayne’s “Deliquescence”

Russ Woods’s “Dog-Arms” and “Murder the Sun”

Ashley Zirkle’s “How to Go to a Funeral”