Issue Five

Table of Contents



‘Falling Into’ by Jaime DeLanghe

‘Learning to Pose’ by Monica F. Jacobe

Short Fiction


‘Where the Sun Beats’ by Bradley Fink

‘Hitch’ by Sue Miller

‘I am Here, We are Here’ by Dario Sulzman

‘Hummingbird’ by Maw Shein Win


Stag’s Leap and I Write this Poem for Myself Only by Julie Baber

Vacation in the Blue by Aslynn Brown

view by Naomi Kaye

Form and Function, Magdelena, Once It Was, “Sex Prevents Colds” and Your Poem by Pete Lee

Schizomania and Bzst. by Angela Lovell

An Evening at the Restaurant by Amy Schoenwald

Slow Movements by Violetta Tarpinian

birds, portal and the pincushion by Maw Shein Win


Ahead by a Century/North American for Life by Chad Nevett