Slow Movements


Violetta Tarpinian


Winter nights I play my love in Largo
a languid stretch of limbs, a long embrace
as half and whole notes sink into their round
and whitely float along the lines of staff
like snowflakes softly falling to the ground
a sweet restraining melody will lay
on all allegros an embargo

Relinquish in Adagio, my dear
all thought of driving fast embellishments
observe the rest, there is no pressing need
to hurry on and be too quickly don
when even trills do not require speed
the deepest sound is silence, the music
of your breath is all I wish to hear

Andante strides at leisure, takes its ease
it has a rhythm but will never run
the key change of an unexpected phrase
releases dolce in the discipline
of keeping time and staying with the pace
that tenderness composes to its close
remain poised through the last measure's tease

And then, my love, oh finish as you please