Issue Seven

Table of Contents

Visual and Sequential Art

Pauline Lim



Short Fiction

‘New Vans’ by Amanda Alpert

‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’ by Aslynn Brown

‘Thanatotropism’ by Sam Cha

‘That’s Simone’ by Rachel Hutcheson

‘LDR’ by D.C. Major

‘Digital Tumbleweeds in an Online Dating Site Ghost Town’ by Seann McCollum

‘Caution Signs’ by Samuel Southwell


‘Dog Day Afternoon’ by Denise Kincy


To Breed or Not to Breed by Wendy Chapman

Distracted Moon Turns Tides: Boats Washed Up From Deep Sea by Melissa Curcio

olivia by John Gilling

Mobs by Jesse McCree

Movement and Sign by Victoria Clayton Munn

Immobile by F.H. Ponomarenko

Strange Art by C.S. Reid


The Spanish Whip by George Freek

Azalea by Jaime Noblin Grimaldo