Distracted Moon Turns Tides: Boats Washed Up From Deep Sea


Melissa Curcio



I stretch your moons
With a golden ring eclipse
You wonder how you ever missed the winking
Like a diamond in the sky

The tides are turning;
I carry a boat in my arms

The boat cries

You remember now --
Darkened (that golden ring eclipse)
Something sparkling (not my eyes)

The moon was distracted
It made headline news
(On a newspaper you didn't read that day)


Today, you pick up yesterday's newspaper
And swallow a cantaloupe whole
After digestion, which is hard,
You flush the toilet
The pieces of rind which are now your excrement
Travels to the sea of a small country
Where right now a smaller boy is catching his first fish
An appropriate and legible cosmic message

You take the newspaper
Which made you swallow the cantaloupe whole
And stuff the front page in a wine bottle
The wine of which you also pour into the sea

You take the boat
And go to the dock
Where you liberate the bottle
So that attention will be paid to the tides

Too late for one distracted moon

Holding the boat close, you knock
Down a display of cantaloupes
And hope it does bad things to your karma


I pick up the cantaloupes
As they roll after you without your noticing
And apologize to the vendor for the actions of my wife

I form the words inside my head:
It would not be good for business
To be seen talking to myself