Issue four presale!

If you’re a new reader to apt, you may not know that we spend all year working on our print issue, so I’m thrilled to say that issue four is almost here!

Featuring work from Melissa Barrett, Sam Cha, Priya Chandrasegaram, Amanda Chiado, Gregory Crosby, C.E. Garrett, Pat Hanahoe-Dosch, Ben Gunsberg, Krysten Hill, Danielle Jones-Pruett, Suzanne Lee, Kate Nacy, Kevin O’Cuinn, Emily O’Neill, Nikola Petković‎, Samuel Piccone, April Ranger, Matt Thompson, Michael Thurston, and Justin Waldron, issue four will ship out January 13, 2014!

Feast your eyes on the front and wrap covers below, then click here to buy a copy—order it before January 6 and save 20%!

Also, if you’re really excited about apt and you want it delivered to your door every year for the next three years, we also sell subscriptions.

As a seasonal reminder, books make wonderful gifts.

(Let us love you.)

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