PRESALE–Issue 5: Long Fiction

Last year, we lucked into our first theme issue (on Surveillance). We had such a great time with it, we decided to focus the next two issues on form. On that note, we’re thrilled to roll out the presale for our first intentionally themed issue: LONG FICTION.

(Snazzy front cover pictured to the right for your viewing pleasure.)

Issue five features long stories by Colleen Cable, Elizabeth Chandler, Kendra Fortmeyer, William Hillyard, and Matt Jones. At 215 pages, it’s our longest issue yet, and now through January 20, you can get issue five for $9!

Also, just in case you want apt delivered to your door every year, don’t forget you can get a 3-year subscription for just $30!

And, if you’re feeling particularly charitable, we also happily accept donations of any denomination, all year long, day or night, which are always tax-deductible and greatly appreciated, and will secure you a tidy place in our hearts for always.

Happy holidays!




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