NewPages on apt’s Surveillance Issue

We’re so incredibly proud of all the work our contributors put into our most recent issue, so we’re thrilled to see them getting the accolades they deserve–see below for an excerpt from a recent review in NewPages:

“Per their introductory note, the editors have historically shied away from themes, but this collection is unified subtly, with that characteristic purpose we see in its pages….apt showcases a range of talents in this ‘Surveillance Issue.’ Writers eschew traditional forms successfully; the reader constantly considers truths among intriguing points of view, inventive structures, reason propped up against fractured skylines. Unlike other postmodern efforts, where the oddity and ambiguity may permit dodging the meaningful and the political, the writers of apt experiment, yes, but with a careful and brilliant purpose.”

Thanks to Mary Florio for such a thorough and engaging review, and thanks (as always) to NewPages for running a great operation.

You can read the full review here, and order a copy of issue four here.

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