Our second print annual is reviewed in NewPages

Of our second print issue, Sarah Carson said the following at NewPages:

“[The] issue accomplishes something few literary journals do: it begs you to come back and re-read it. And not just once or twice. This is the kind of journal you want to keep around.

The collection is filled from cover to cover with strong, daring pieces, which makes it hard to pick any favorites. I call them “pieces” because the editors of the issue have been intentional to blur the lines between prose and poetry. Though it’s hard to be quite sure which you’re reading at a given time, it doesn’t matter. Nearly every piece is filled with fierce narratives and clever surprises. There’s not a single selection in the issue that fades into the background.”

Read the full review here.

NOTE (and note well): The editor who wrote the note in question that Sarah Carson mentions in her review is Carissa. Apologies have since been tendered–apologies well-deserved–and Sarah was gracious enough to accept them.

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