Award nominations!

Dear readers, it’s that time of year.

Fall semester is starting. Summer is winding down. And we’re making the difficult decisions that accompany nominating our contributors for literary awards!

For storySouth’s Million Writers Award, we nominated:

“Scuttling” by Felicia Ferrara
“Variations on House and Home #17” by Joel Kopplin
“Tree Frogs of North America and Their Relation to Us” by Michelle Cheever

And, for Best of the Net, we nominated:


“Why I Should Not Drive” by Amber Burke
“Hot Glue” by Michael Nagel


“Torn Map Cities” by Mary McCafferty
“This Is Called Agnosia” by Kate Nacy


“Bury” by Krysten Hill
“Writing home from thick shadows” by Janelle Dolrayne
“[sort]” by Mark Cunningham
“Axiom” by Dillon J. Welch
“The Year My Life Became Every Movie with a Diner in It” by Danielle Jones-Pruett

We encourage you to revisit these works and wish our contributors every success in their literary endeavors!

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