Nominations: Best of the Net and Million Writers Award

It’s that time of year again–awards season. You know how it is: the glamour of the red carpet, the diamond twinkle of the camera’s flash…

Sorry, wait. It turns out that we edit a literary journal, so there’s not actually any glitz or glamour. On the upside, we do get the satisfaction of nominating wonderful stories, poems, and essays for various awards. For example:

Best of the Net Nominees

Castle Bravo by Michael Nagel

September 14, 2012 by Alex McElroy

1894 by Jen Michalski

Lament for Dracula by Jamison Crabtree

What Did You Learn Today? by Robert Wexelblatt

Texas SB 5 by Laurie Filipelli

Jacques LaPlante Was a Decade Too Late by Josh Cook

Nobody Leaves Anybody in Winter by Kelly Morse


Million Writers Award Nominees

1894 by Jen Michalski

Dog Flu by Gabriel Schlesinger

Torn Map Cities by Mary Cafferty



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