Issue Four

Table of Contents

Short Fiction

‘Salt and Lime’ by Eric Boermeester

‘Sea Lo Qué Sea…’ by Ilya Feldsherov

‘Tether’ by J. Gaspar

‘A Dog’s Life ‘ by Jen Michalski

‘Soul Search’ by Elizabeth Morrissey

‘North of the Lip, South of the Nose’ by Lukas Sherman

‘Visualizing the Reach it Would Give Her’ by Nathan Smith

‘In Deep’ by Keith Wood


Rendered Speechless by Maria Teresa Giuliani

Nothing Beautiful to Say by Jessie Hill

In The End by Oleh Lysiak

After the Show by Corey Mesler

Estate Sale, Dallas, Oregon by Kat Ricker

There are so many things to do while waiting for her to call by Lukas Sherman

My Wild Beast by Violetta Tarpinian

What’s Not Good for Me by Violetta Tarpinian

To be a Poet in America by A.D. Winans