There are so many things to do while waiting for her to call


Lukas Sherman


There are so many things to do while waiting for her to call.

Clean the bathroom.

Sweep the steps.

Buy some groceries.

Cook dinner (even if you’re not hungry).

Go for a walk.

Study for that test.

Throw away those lingerie magazines in the Boston U. folder.

Make something for your mom.

Mail some bills.

Put everything she’s given you (from notes to photos) in a shoebox.


Do 50 push-ups.

Do 50 sit-ups.

Drink some cough syrup.

Punch something (Wait. Scratch that).

Listen to music.

There are so many things, but never enough.

Wash the dishes.

Lay out clothes for tomorrow.

Read Bukowski (it makes your women problems seem minor).

Make lists.

Put the dishes away.

Wonder if you could say ‘I love you’ and mean it.

Listen to that song on repeat.

Set goals.

If she hasn’t called by 8:00, it’s the cigarettes. 10:00, it’s the whiskey.

Do 50 more push-ups.

Do 50 more sit-ups.

Figure our where you went wrong.

Write something.

Change the pillow cases that still smell like her.

Erase her messages.

Remember to breathe.

Enjoy that word of the day is plangent (having an expressive and especially plaintive quality, Latin).

Don’t think this is familiar.

Miss your friends.

Miss your dad.

Miss your church.

Miss your shrink.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

50 last push-ups.

50 last sit-ups.