Pre-order your copy of Issue 3

We’ve spent all year reading the best of the best and now we’re ready to bring it to you.

The pre-sale for our third print annual has officially begun, which means for the price of $8 (20% off the cover price), you will have work from:

Sue Allison, Alison Baker, Meredith Coonce, Mary Kate Flannery, Faith Gardner, Christian Anton Gerard, Alec Hershman, Rachel Hinton, Katherine Blaine Hurley, Nicolette Kittinger, David Koehn, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Delaney Nolan, Thomas Nowak, Andrew Plattner, Alexis Pope, Nate Pritts, Scott Ragland, Anne Marie Rooney, Amy Schulz, Derek Sugamosto, Denise Warren, and Andy Yeh

We’re bursting with pride to have all these writers in a single issue, so head over to the apt store and we’ll be happy to send one your way. And, if you’re feeling so bold, you could get a subscription and then be set for the next three years!

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