Excerpt from “FORECASTING THE FUTURE” by Gillian Devereux

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You can read the rest of “FORECASTING THE FUTURE” in our Long Poetry Issue.




Gillian Devereux received her MFA in Poetry from Old Dominion University and directs the Writing Center at Wheelock College in Boston, where she also teaches creative writing. She is the author of Focus on Grammar (dancing girl press, 2012) and They Used to Dance on Saturday Nights (Aforementioned Productions, 2011), and her poems have appeared in numerous journals, most recently The Midwest Quarterly; The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society; Sundog Lit; Boog City; and Printer’s Devil Review. Follow her on Twitter (@fromthistles) or Tumblr (neomodernmix.tumblr.com). Her poem “FORECASTING THE FUTURE” is an erasure that uses the first chapter of What Is Coming: A Forecast of Things After the War by H.G. Wells as its source text.


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