Long Poetry issue is now available to preorder!


On the off-chance that you missed our ten-year anniversary issue, we announced that we’ll be dedicating all our print annuals to longform work, which is exciting news indeed, but first: we’re thrilled to present our long poetry issue.

Expansive in scope and subject, the poems in our sixth issue surpass the boundaries of line and page. Plus we’ve got a wide breadth of content—equal parts narrative, experimental, and atmospheric, we’re bringing together work that sums up everything that excites us about this form and this genre.

Featuring work by Dan Brady, Gillian Devereux, Tracy Dimond, Kurt Klopmeier, Peter Myers, Elizabeth Wade, Matthew Zingg, you can order your very own copy of issue six now for just $9.

Preorder sale only lasts through Feb 15, so get it while you can!

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