Homo Says What by Joseph Iraggi

Are there no other
colors in the rainbow? I bet
we can find more shade
on Bravo than amongst
redwood farms in Nor
Cal-orie overload, I need
super foods to digest this
marriage, of old tradition &
new editions of same
sex-ist people needing
a reason to judge whether
he/she is right or write
down why he/she is right
now the momentum shifts

between go-go boys’ hips
toward the serpent that
spits through the night-
mare where navy is
midnight blue, Collar Me
and here is my leash, at least
I know what you like when
I write hymn, yes Him
who are we to say who
but any one, that shall speak
easy, go by and slip-slide back
alley, hide femme for friends
unaccustomed to, this bundle
of sticks, fat is a very bad
word when sinews lead
to miscues about why
she said I look tired, I tried
but eyeliner can’t always
make ends meet, split
because we can’t decide




Raised in Dallas TX and Portland OR, Joseph Iraggi was exposed early on to a diverse array of cultural experience. He made a hobby of investigating the world’s religious spectrum and never hesitated to try eclectic cuisine. At the age of 21, Joe moved to California with an air mattress and a bag of clothes, searching for a new environment to engage and the opportunities that accompany it. In 2011, after marching through six years of school, he received his Master’s of Professional Writing degree from the University of Southern California, where he studied fiction, non-fiction, profile writing, poetry and screenwriting. Joseph currently resides in West Hollywood, California.

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