from Get Your Slip On by Paige Taggart


door wide
wake and able hush
into a lettered stream
a version of the past
strengthens intuition
if lions made shelters
then you’d be bled bored?
ripping the stash from your comprise
each a vessel coming your way
you move on
drift weird adapters
in a hide-away trap
you’d be tucked away and so you are stuck
and resolved in limp disposition
harnessed and lacking sensation
forever stemmed
to some bluer flower
fermentation in unlabeled-emotions
giving into the charged duty of making
turning leaves over in your palm
putting them to rest via illumination
brains for breakfast
targets at the shooting range
plexus speaks frizzy
shower under the lamp
and it’s just light shattering your face
still breeding down the laurels




Paige Taggart lives in Brooklyn & is the author of 4 chapbooks: Last Difficult Gardens (Horse Less Press), DIGITAL MACRAMÉ (Poor Claudia), Polaroid Parade (Greying Ghost Press), and The Ice Poems (DoubleCross Press). Trembling Pillow Press will publish her first full-length collection Want For Lion and Brooklyn Arts Press will publish her 2nd book Or Replica. She’s an avid jeweler ( and co-founded the tumblr Poets Touching Trees.


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