I Watch Documentaries Instead of Horror Films by Tracy Dimond


When I’m bored with horror films
I remember that the top scientists
are researching cellulite causes.

Why doesn’t age have a leash?
I believe enriched cereal
will enhance my bra size.

Synapses are a liquid dead zone
while we’re losing the battle
against underarms.

My diagnosis was to relax.
If you put your tongue on my spine
I would feel some calm.

I don’t think I deserve
any more free samples.




Tracy Dimond co-curates Ink Press Productions with Amanda McCormick. She is the author of Sorry I Wrote So Many Sad Poems Today (Ink Press, 2013). Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Big Lucks, Ilk Journal, Shabby Doll House, Hobart, and other places. You can find more and watch her tweet about cheese at twitter.com/snarkysyntax.


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