Murder the sun. by Russ Woods

You have been living in a horrible, angry, smelly place for the past 90
days. You are irritable because you are itchy and you are itchy because of
fleas. Fleas and impatience. You are impatient because you have a
quest. It is your quest to murder the sun. Don’t forget to murder the
sun. There are lots of reasons you might forget your quest. One of them is
the fleas. Don’t let these be excuses. Don’t blame it on the fleas. There is a
sun out there and it needs to be murdered. By you. I know you have been in
a horrible, angry, smelly place for the past 90 days and I sympathize with
you. Or I empathize with you. One of those. But it is very important, very
very important, that you do not forget your quest. Your quest to M the
S. D.F.T.M.T.S. Here, I’ll write it on your hand.



Russ Woods is poetry editor and web designer for Red Lightbulbs and is currently trying to get Love Symbol Press off the ground. He is married to the writer Meghan Lamb and they live in Chicago with pets. He has work published or forthcoming in Mud Luscious Online, Pank, Spork and HTMLgiant.


“Murder the sun.” originally appeared in the second print issue of apt, available to purchase here.

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