Buy our literary journal! Come to our party!

We sometimes indulge in imperatives. You’ll have to forgive us.

That said, issue two is finally here, so–buy our literary journal! It is both fine and dandy. If you want to hold it in your hands, you can (for the rest of your life) for $10. If you’re of the mind that literature should be ethereal and pixelated, you can purchase the electronic version for $5. Either way, you’ll be privy to the work of these deadly talented writers: Maureen Alsop, Julie Baber, Lindsay Coleman, Molly Curtis, Tara Deal, Gillian Devereux, Jaydn DeWald, Nate House, Philip Kobylarz, Breonna Krafft, Jessica Maybury, Robert McNally, Clayton Michaels, Thomas Mundt, Lauren Nicole Nixon, Thomas Nowak, Lam Pham, Eric Rawson, Courtney Cullinan Robb, Noel Sloboda, Matthew Vasiliauskas, Joel Wayne, Russ Woods, and Ashley Zirkle.

Also, if you’re in the Boston area, come to Lorem Ipsum Books on Saturday, February 18 at 7pm when we will throw a release party of epic* proportions, including words from the following deft-handed authors: David Bartone, Sam Cha, Lindsay Coleman, Shannon Derby, Gillian Devereux, Carissa Halston, Breonna Krafft, J.F. Lynch, Dolan Morgan, Robin E. Mørk, Randolph Pfaff, and Vincent Scarpa. There will be wine, beer, cookies, and resonant literature read by its creators (we mean this in the most secular way possible). Be there, Boston. Make us proud.

* – back when the word “epic” still meant something.

One response to “Buy our literary journal! Come to our party!”

  1. Dom says:

    I love Lorem Ipsum Books and can often be found browsing their books. Shame I missed the release party.

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