Welcome to the new apt

In a time when readers are crying that print is [finally, honestly, genuinely] dead, we’ve moved to the tangible page. Our approach to this shift is similar to our aesthetic. While so many print journals support a single form—dismissing prose or poetry, ignoring sequential art—we’re celebrating the pieces that occupy two spheres: stories that read like plays, poems that regale like prose, histories that never happened, and fiction that behaves like carefully researched psychoanalysis. These genres can exist side by side, much like print can coexist with digital media, but they can also exist within a single story.

We want apt to surprise its readers with its willingness to showcase experimental work alongside traditional pieces, but also for the delivery of the material. Whether you’re reading this online or in a bound volume, these stories still inspire, in part and sum. We encourage you to embrace both and to support our contributors when they publish online and in print.

Randolph Pfaff
Carissa Halston
Robin E. Mørk
J.F. Lynch

January 2011

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