Two Cats and an Ape by Kristian Markus

Two cats spent and spread across
the black and white tile of the kitchen floor
The rise and fall of love-filled bellies
Open mouthed pants

Familiar human denuded gambols about shirtless,
his sparsely haired feet kicking dangerously near

Whiskers bristle two fanged yawn,
one naughty paw poised for one quick swat

A turn of body under lighted shade,
a world upturned and swinging
like the hapless bauble of a chandelier

An ankle rubbed to smooth away the pain
A garble of anger hollered at noses unconcerned

Beyond the brown and white zigzags of the carpet
puffs of dander and the rhythmic brush of tongue rough upon the bum.

Chirps from trees disturbed pricks and points their ears
Low slung guilt seeks places known to be restricted




Kristian Markus is working towards a secondary teaching credential in English.  He is also a columnist for WebdelSol Magazine, where he critiques literary websites.

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