Norman’s Trip by Neila Mezynski

He didn’t care what it was as long as it could fly and take him away. And fly he did in almost anything like a box of soft air would do.  Norman could go anywhere he wanted and be the swashbuckling pirate or hard driving cowpoke or fly me to the moon astronaut.  Legs and arms untied he straddled his rocket to visit the cheese moon up, up into the star studded nebulized night where he could hang his hat on a moonbeam and stare down Neptune and play with Jupiter’s rings of orange and red and not get burned because Norm was the man. Norm was the man when his mind was unlocked like legs like arms like brain.  Flesh wasn’t the problem it never was. Only that it held him down when he wanted to free up and visit the stars and leave the dirt that took the place of trees who needed watering called himself. But that’s another story. A trip was planned for a moon visit later today and Norm would leave behind his legs his arms and untouched skin, today.





One time dancer/choreographer now painter/ writer, Neila Mezynski has fiction and poetry published now and forthcoming in: Word RiotMud LusciousFoundling ReviewZygote In My CoffeeBewildering Storieseveryday PoetsThirteen Myna Birds, and several more. Mezynski also writes art and music reviews for online and print magazines.

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