Issue Eight

Table of Contents


‘Main Street Cartographic’ by Josh Cook

‘Monsters Under the Bed’ by Tim Mudie

‘Overheard on an Early Morning near the Harbor’ by Paul Myette

‘Strangers in Passing’ by Michael Overa


Help Me My Sea Monkey by Alia DuMonde

Death by Despair (or a random bullet) by Venetia Ghozlan

Cigarette Smoker’s Prayer by Tim Mudie

On Being Seen as a God in a Land Run by Devils by Dustin Orin Talley

Anonymity (City Life) by Dustin Orin Talley

Always Too Damn Something by Dustin Orin Talley



What I Saw Today by Austin Roberts

Visual Art

Jesse Farrell

Steve Patton


‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’ (Chapter 2) by Aslynn Brown