African Drum Love Series

Kimberly D. Robinson

African Drum Love I

Safari pounds in my pelvis
like a rhythmic Tanzanian ritual
fit for an African Queen

My desire unleashes a thunderous dance
I scream, I sweat, I sing
to his covetous hands…beating

As wild as vibrations can withstand
his African Drum resonates with me
with the grace of a supermodel and
as fast as a famished cheetah

I can no longer stand
nor can I saunter
I simply lay…pulsating

to the forbidden echo
of his African Drum

African Drum Love II

The sound of the chuckling sky
is different tonight
I feel his pulse from a distance
the bass of his beat beads my blood
awakening my crave-able places

Dancing from inside out spontaneously
I spread for him like the fine goatskin
stretched atop his hardwood Djembe

The scent of lust fills our immediate air
bare hands beat to the bass
with the flesh of his palms, I gyrate higher
intricately weaving a rhythmic tapestry

A nearby Black Mamba seems to sway
to our mating song while
Tigers; now paper, seem to nestle
to our private silhouette

When he sojourned
his African Drum
the morning sun kissed us tenderly
as I slumber deep

African Drum Love III

From his first beat
gazelle run at top speed
Secretary Birds
take majestic flight

Ivory shining
from the Elephant's stance
my thighs moist
with a sinful fragrance
from the language of his
African Drum

Calloused are his hands
from caressing such supple skin
when these hands of my secret lover
touch me there, they are as soft
as African Shea Butter

Inclusively he drums
till I tremor
again and again and again
from deep within

Ebony legs drape over his shoulders
like strings of onyx pearls
drumming inside my mine
as if excavating
the finest Kimberley diamonds

Omnipotent, his Djembe,
with seismic vibrations
that makes Mount Kilimanjaro's
liquid fire rise to the occasion

Our tribal music together
becomes but an echo
as single tears rolls down
each side of his
African Drum