Brooklyn Days

Valerie Deus

I loved you according to the laws of distance
Lewis' anything goes attitude and his soft severity
a father from the 50's a summer peach
my career ruined by my
infatuation with you
you running off with a man
and hanging out in the bathtub
a light bulb on a string swings overhead and
I think
that we were real life lovers in some old life

like lives in the movies
their tight faces just kiss in tents
just kiss surrounded by earth but I'd
rather me
and you not just kiss but breathe, sleep and 
be more like our old slipper selves everyday 

It's too bad you're not around today. I'd like to
go to BAM with you and see a   film
eat some Austrian food at that
place you like (and maybe impregnate you in the
but that's extra)
New York is interesting right now in my mind
I think spring is going to be very good so make sure
you come to visit. I've been sleeping with this girl
named jenny lately but I'll stop that for the time
that you visit
look her up on friendster if you care to
she is good and sexy and all those other
things but you seem better

last night I had a party and
snowstorm occurred and is still
so it was small
my house was full of people
beer cans and cigarettes smushed
into bottle caps
my young lover was supposed to come but
he chickened out
an old girlfriend came with her
new boyfriend and today I'm slightly annoyed by them
for no good reason

something about their happiness feels taken from me
i'm the one who broke up   with her so i'm not
allowed to complain
Come back soon and don't forget, when you're here I like you too