Issue Eleven Contributors


Matt Bloom writes. He's been doing it since innocence, though is as of yet unpublished. He lives in Muncie, Indiana, where he's married to a woman, a mortgage and two cats; he says he is most partial to the first. He quietly fears for the children he will attempt to educate when he finishes grad school. He currently plays no musical instruments, but if you pull his arm he might break out his trombone. But probably not. Oh, and pie? Cherry. No, not a terribly interesting flavor.

Aslynn Brown - Singer. Writer. But not a singer songwriter. Also an out-of-work actress. Lives in southern NH working as a Healthcare Recruiter and is taking some classes on the side. Single, enjoys long walks off short piers and suffers from perpetual foot-in-mouth syndrome. Appreciates feedback of all kinds and is very excited to have ‘You Don't Bring Me Flowers' serialized here. She hopes you'll enjoy reading it as much as she's enjoyed writing it.

Seth Brown is the author of Think You're The Only One? (Barnes&Noble, 2004), Shards (LuLu, 2005), and Rhode Island Curiosities (forthcoming, Globe Pequot Press, 2007). He has previously held columns in the Providence Journal and Berkshire Advocate , and currently writes his award-winning humor column "The Pun Also Rises" for the North Adams Transcript . His website is Oh, and his favorite kind of pie is free.

William Chrome is a mystery to those of us at apt. We do know that he can be found in Union Square, with his typewriter, producing poems for the denizens of New York City.

Valerie Deus, originally from Brooklyn , NY, now lives in Minneapolis, MN. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from LIU's Brooklyn Campus. More of Valerie's writings can be found at Her favorite pie is key lime and she hopes that you enjoy her work.

Raina Fields, a current student at Loyola College in Maryland, has published poems in Poet's Ink (a publication funded by the Maryland State Poetry and Literary Society).

June Gilhouse lives in Michigan, writing only when she's completely out of excuses not to. Her work has recently been published by Common Ties and Words on Paper. Find her online at

Carissa Halston is working on scads of projects right now. One of those projects should be somehow getting paid to not be at work. She'd get more done that way.

Oleh Lysiak arrived in the United States in 1952, a six –year-old Ukrainian DP. He survived childhood in North Philadelphia, graduated from Temple University with a degree in Journalism. After 30 years as a self-styled vagabond, Lysiak managed to set anchor on the Oregon Coast. He and his wife live in a barn with two dogs and two cats. Lysiak has written and self-published three books: Filet & Release, The Chromium Kid in the American Zoo and Barely Inside the Lines.

Seann McCollum publishes poetry, stories and artwork through his own very small company ant vs. Ant, headquartered in scenic Portland, Oregon. He is also a member of the Cat Oars Fiction Collective and has assisted with their fine publications. He stopped writing for a while and then he started up again. If one felt like it, one could try to contact him using a computer at Chances are he would love to hear from you. Then again, maybe not.

Selma Wassermann is a Professor Emerita in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.   A recipient of the University Excellence in Teaching Award, she has published widely in the field of education, including the texts Serious Players in the Primary Classroom; The New Teaching Elementary Science: Who's Afraid of Spiders?; Introduction to Case Method Teaching: A Guide to the Galaxy; This Teaching Life: How I Taught Myself to Teach; as well as the popular, The Long Distance Grandmother. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, she is now thoroughly rooted among the rain people of Vancouver, B. C.