You can learn

a lot about

a person

by their shoes.  

The home wrecker

with her snakeskin mini—

pathetically tall heels

ready to poke out

the wife’s suspicious eye.

The lawyer

with ebony Dolce and Gabbana’s.

Click click click

sir cockiness

down the tiled hallway.

The family of seven

with pastel Reeboks

squishing across the beach.

They couldn’t afford any sandals.

Mini Dorothy’s dolled up

with sparkles of the rainbow

all brand new;

A pair to match every outfit.

The lean apple eater

running off a spinach salad.

His tennies, one thousand miles and counting

give way to the burning tar.

The village grandma

80 years washed and rung

wicker baskets full with

sheets that hold rich lovers.

Looking down

bunions, blackened brittle nails;