Partisan Proper

Paul Handley

He had been off in the
Capital pushing armed
Intervention for a bumper
Crop of reasons.  Went to
The embassies of other countries
To rant about their weakness,
Vulnerability to invasion and
Depletion of resources.
He preyed on racial animosities,
Real or imagined slights to
Regional honor and promised,
Cajoled, gave presentations of
Their power that would have
Made an advertising agency
Writhe with envy.

He emphasized the mutual
Benefits of taking out reviled
Leaders by overwhelming
Them with a cacophony of
Sound bites, video, printed
Word of veiled threats, hints
Of alliances and unhinged
Nationalistic impulses.
He had charts with
Accompanying voiceovers
Of compositional changes
In the electorate and
Membership in various sects
Beginning to bulge, and more. 
Always more. He believed
Relentlessness was a talent.

Care had to be taken even
When the threat was recognized.
A sudden commingling of
Assets as it were on the part
Of the allies would look
Underhanded (He would
Promise to not be far behind
In the commingling), and open
Diplomacy demands compromise. 
Compromise=Weakness at the
Best of times and invites
Chamberlainesque connotations
Plus associations, and to mention
Vichy.  In addition, futile
Images would be conjured of
Extended doves sated on cubed
Palm leafs to invading Vandals
And Goths.

Some would call it fear
Mongering (through a minion)
And that individual would get
Him up in their face, saying
“You are just scared,” even
Though in the next breath
He would say that “fear is
Healthy,” with a smile like
The anointed one that He
Was very close to being.

One meddled with Him
At their own peril.  A
Well-deserved reputation
As a bureaucratic full-contact
Infighter of championship
Caliber.  His beatific visage
Gained him public support
That he was smart enough
To ration.  He never
Overshadowed his superiors.
In the past, this talent had
Allowed others to underestimate
Him.  Even without elements

Of surprise, he still won.