Founding Father Advice

Paul Handley

Moderation is the ration of
Good sense that occurs
When a delve would elicit,
A beck for restraint.  When
Asking your mistress to stay,
When imploring is what is
Demanded.  Pleasure is
Sacrificed for financial
Wherewithal, Deflecting
Distress.  The dinner chat
Of the founding fathers
Is the crux.

Let’s explore excess, not
John Adams, but mistress
Maintenance.  A balcony
Scene worthy of Romeo
And Juliet, sans the purity
Of first love, plus betrayal
Of his betrothed.  The
Stress of alibi and drum
Circle office retreats, are
Offset by reeling in sexual
Bliss.  Here, the nature of
Moderation is just short
Of enthrallment.

In another place, Spartan.
Revel in the mundane,
Admire the craft of veins,
Visible and screened,
Universe stretch, savor your
Luck, fragility of earth.
Strain until you can feel
The organs linking,
Pulsing at full speed,
Turning from a vibrato
To a strum.