Issue Twenty-Two Contributors

Chris Castle is English but currently works in Greece. He has sent his work out this summer and been accepted 50odd times. His influences include Ray Carver and the films of PT Anderson.

Liam Day is a graduate of the Bread Loaf School of English. He lives in Boston with his wife, Nicole. His work has appeared previously in Beginnings and Slow Trains.

Paul Elwork is a writer and editor living in Philadelphia with his wife and two sons. His fiction has appeared in SmokeLong Quarterly, Philadelphia Stories, Word Riot, and other journals. His first novel The Tea House came out originally from Casperian Books in October 2007; The Tea House will be re-released by Amy Einhorn Books (Penguin Group) in 2010.

Richard Fein was Finalist in the 2004 Center for Book Arts Chapbook Competition.  He will soon have a chapbook published by Parallel Press, University of Wisconsin, Madison.  He has been published in many web and print journals, such as Southern Review, Morpo Review, Perigee, Skyline, Oregon East Southern Humanities Review Touchstone, Windsor Review, Maverick, Parnassus Literary Review, Small Pond, Kansas Quarterly, Blue Unicorn, Exquisite Corpse, Terrain Aroostook Review and many others

CJ Hallman used to live in China. Now she lives in Austin, TX. Her work has appeared in Dogmatika, Identity Theory, and Defenestration.

Carissa Halston lives in Boston once again.  Her novel, A Girl Named Charlie Lester, was recently called “witty” and “a great read” in Curve Magazine.  In September of 2009, she performed her one-woman show, Portraiture, in New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Toronto, and Boston.  This issue begins her fifth year as the Contributing Editor of apt.

Paul Handley spent a career as a student and a student of odd jobs.  He has an MA, an MPA, and is ABD.  He has driven a cab and sold meat door-to-door.  Paul has work included or forthcoming in Apollo’s Lyre, Boston Literary Magazine, Ophelia Street, Poesia and others.

Samiah Haque speaks in fluid tones, with an acute clarity of voice.  Her hobbies include jaywalking, whistling in the company of passers by, and skipping to the lou.  Recently, she has taken to advising young soldiers on the subject of hygiene and proper table manners.  She lives in a swollen field outside of Madrid.

Kristian Markus is working towards a secondary teaching credential in English.  He is also a columnist for WebdelSol Magazine, where he critiques literary websites.

One time dancer/choreographer now painter/ writer, Neila Mezynski has fiction and poetry published now and forthcoming in: Snow Monkey Journal, Rumble, Word Riot, Mud Luscious, Foundling Review, Zygote In My Coffee, Bewildering Stories, everyday Poets, Thirteen Myna Birds and several more. Mezynski also writes art and music reviews for online and print magazines.

Daniel Romo teaches high school creative writing and lives in Long Beach, CA.  He has recently been published in Monkeybicycle, The Northville Review, and The November 3rd Club.  He is an MFA candidate at Antioch University, and thinks gray sky the utmost inspiration.

Donna Vorreyer lives in the Chicago area and spends her days trying to convince teenagers that words matter. Her poems have appeared in many journals, most recently Autumn Sky Poetry, Apparatus Magazine, Cider Press Review, Ghoti and Fickle Muses. She loves Diet Coke, massages, mowing the lawn, and her family, not necessarily in that order.

Brandi Wells has a BA in Creative Writing and her fiction appears in or is forthcoming in Pear Noir, Monkey Bicycle, Decomp, and Vulcan. She has a chapbook forthcoming as part the chapbook collective Fox Force 5, which is being released by Paper Hero Press.