Nick Belton did not include a bio with his submission. Because of this, we at apt have decided that any accepted piece which is not accompanied by a bio will receive one of our own creation. Nick "Cold Beverage" Belton lives, we assume, somewhere within the continental United States. He attended primary school at the intended age of most young men and spent the better part of his adolescence trying to outrun the sordid past he left there. Only his fellow classmates know the true origin of his ominous nickname. *Nick: if any of this happens to be incorrect (or, better yet, correct) please email us and let us know. We'd be more than happy to place a "real" bio here instead.

*Note - Nick has notified us that he lives near a very small village called Waiau in the South Island of New Zealand and is currently working as a beekeeper. He did say he liked our version of his life as well.

John Bryan - I have been published in various journals such as Unlikely 2.0, Mipoesias, Half Drunk Muse, Subtletea, The Cerebral Catalyst, Triplopia, Outsider Ink, My Favorite Bullet, Stylus Poetry Journal, thisisitmagazine, Mipoesias, Blue Fifth Review and Stirring to name a few.

Wendy Chapman - Age: 27
Location: Austin, TX
Favorite kind of pie: My grandma's lemon meringue with Nilla wafer crust. Perfection in pie form. Mouthgasm.
Etc: I'm a big fan of indie film, books, tattoos and punk rock. Although, I remain unpublished...samples of my work can be found on my blog at

Crystal Correia - I am a photographer from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Additional samples of my work can be viewed at My favorite kind of pie is Boston Cream...mmmmm....

Carissa Halston is 24 years old.   She's one of those writer/director/actor/singer/editor/artist types.   She and Randolph are getting married this year.   Her favorite pie depends on the day really, but she's partial to apple pie a la mode, pumpkin pie under the right circumstances, pizza pie when it's not too greasy and shepherd's pie when it's filled with garlic mashed potatoes.   She is one half of Aforementioned Productions.

Lesly Hershman lives in Brookline, Mass, with her boyfriend and fat cat, Gotham.   She writes fiction, poetry, and is a regular contributor to Shebrew Magazine, .

Catherine Hubbard is currently a Boston-based photographer who spends most of her time shooting weddings but enjoys traveling every year to Utah and Wyoming for landscape photography. In college, her focus was primarily creative writing where she published a few poems in some school magazines. During that time she interned at a local Medford newspaper where she published several columns.   Her senior year she won 2nd Place in the Academy of American Poets Prize at Tufts University.   After school, she invested most of her time at developing her photography career but recently has returned to writing to hopefully publish a book combining both passions.

Francien Krieg is a Dutch artist whose work has been exhibited in various galleries in Europe. She also has a permanent exhibition at The Hague.

Robin Mork was born and raised in Antioch, CA, and studied art and theatre at Smith College in Northampton, MA.   Since then she has settled in Boston, working in finance by day and making art and poetry by night.   She has a very fluffy cat, a fairly messy room, a maxed-out credit card, and a delightful boyfriend, and she has heard all of your Mork & Mindy jokes before. Nannoo.  Although Robin does not yet have an artist's website, selected writings can be found on her blog at

Shannon Stairhime - After carefully extricating herself from her from her humble, rural beginnings in the (aptly named) town of Hicksville, Ohio, Shannon took herself to **The Big City** of Chicago, where she received a BA in fiction writing from Columbia College Chicago.   Her short stories have appeared in The South Loop Review and Inkstains and her journalistic endeavors can be found in The Outside World, Dinero Magazine, Big Idea Magazine, and BlurZine-Media.   She lives with her cat, Gus.   Her favorite pie is blueberry a la mode.

Adam Steel - I am a 3rd year student at the Univeristy Of Toronto (majoring in English) and my favourite pie is apple (of course).

Keith Wood lives and works in Philadelphia, but is originally from Columbus, Mississippi.   He has had stories and poems published in Underground Voices, Cherry Bleeds, Thieves' Jargon, Zygote In My Coffee, Negative Capability, the Mississippi Review and the Black Warrior Review.




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