Carissa Halston


I fell in like with the tattoos along your neck
—proof of those who came before—
and other fundamental truths
like the fact that no one paints hands better than
John Singer-Sargent.

For all intents and purposes,
you should be bright green,
not for Shakespeare,
more for nature.
Warn others to stay away.
How fitting that your name means

How could I stay away from the musician in you?
Brash whispers
and your manic stare into the euphoric haze of
an audience.

I'll drink your screams
and bear your blue notes on my skin.
I'll fast to hear your hand clap a guitar.
I'll lend you my veins when your strings
invariably break.

But I'm not what you need.

No inspiration,
only blind admiration.
Just remind me to stay away.

Further: to run.