Amanda Alpert was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.   She has written numerous television spec scripts and feature screenplays and her work has appeared on McSweeney's online and She currently resides in Los Angeles.   Her favorite pie is apple. She also appreciates a good quiche lorraine, which is really just a pie with bacon suspended in it.  She's very sleepy right now.

Aslynn Brown. Singer. Writer. But not a singer songwriter. Also an out-of-work actress. Lives in southern NH, working as a Healthcare Recruiter and is taking some classes on the side. Single, enjoys long walks off short piers, and suffers from perpetual foot-in-mouth syndrome. Appreciates feedback of all kinds, and is very excited to have 'You Don't Bring Me Flowers' serialized here. She hopes that you'll enjoy reading it as much as she's enjoyed writing it.

Sam Cha is 28 years old.  He grew up in Korea. He has an MA in English from Rutgers, a BA in the same from Williams College.  He lives in Massachussetts with his wife.  His favorite pie is the kind with a rope ladder inside.

Despite only minute and sparse encouragement, Wendy Chapman, 28, still holds on (with childlike abandon) to the belief that poetry is her true gift - her voice is unique, her words give her life meaning. She indulges in musical frolics, baking cookies and relaxing at home in Austin, but cinematic adventures, creating, and rebelling from the waist up and down remain her top priorities. Wendy has taken this bio way too seriously, and must now console herself with several slices of Granny's Lemon Icebox Pie.

Melissa Curcio is 21 years old. She wants a puppy for Christmas. One week on a farm in New Mexico, she ate almost every different pie you could think of, including bean pie, and now firmly believes that pizza pie is a better invention than the sandwich. The sandwich is a really good invention too.

George Freek has recently been published in Abyss & Apex, The Pittsburgh Quarterly , Rough Road Review, Big Tex(t) and Whimperbang and my short play, Laws of Necessity was published in the latest Oregon Literary Review. I also have plays published by Playscripts, Inc., JAC Publishing and Lazy Bee Scripts in the UK.

John Gilling lives in Boston and studies things.   He is a man who does not like pie.

Jaime Noblin Grimaldo lives on the west coast. He's not had anything published. He likes sweet potato pie.

Carissa Halston, now 25, has been married for twenty-one days. Recent accomplishments also include writing/directing Cleavage and mucking about at Aforementioned Productions. Other places to find her work include Unlikely Stories v1.0, Fables, Underground Literary Adventures, both the online and print versions of Zygote in my Coffee and all the previous issues of apt.

Rachel Hutcheson is an improvisational actor and has been working with a comedy group, "The Really Spontaneous Theatre Company" for many years. They are currently located in L.A. but began in NYC before K-Mart ever found the East Village. Rachel has a short film in pre-production entitled, "Are You Breaking Up With Me?" and has written and released a CD about a year and a half ago entitled "Hello". It contains eight original songs, written in a Sophie Tucker kind of "Red Hot Mama" style. Rachel likes warm pecan pie with fresh whipped cream.

Denise Kincy is a full-time writer and 2005 Pushcart nominee. Her essays, articles, fiction and poetry have appeared in Literary Mama, Foliate Oak and Verbsap, along with numerous other online literary journals, print anthologies and national print publications.

Pauline Lim has work on display at Wu Chon House (part of the Somerville Arts Council's Windows Art Project). She has an ongoing exhibit at Tristan Gallery in Provincetown, MA. She was named “Artist of the Month” for March, 2006, by ARTSomerville.   Her artist's statement can be found here.

D.C. Major is unruffled by the necessity of holding a 40+ hour a week gig at a large corporation on the East Coast, and enjoys spending lunch hours writing a historical novel, scoping out places to submit shorter works, and (quite often) eating chicken noodle soup so filled with whole-wheat crackers that it no longer resembles liquid. She enjoys by far more those hours spent at home and with friends, particularly a large and rather odd looking dog who is, nonetheless, one of the best-looking people Diane knows. Pecan pie holds a very special place in her heart.

Seann McCollum is a SWM 33, HWP, ISO LTR with a very special lady. RU her? Must love long walks on the beach, quiet nights at home in front of the TV, and being spanked while I read you my poetry. You heard me: poetry. Sound good? If so hit me up No head games and NO fatties please.

Jesse McCree is from Maine and has recently moved to Somerville. He is a program director for a national non-profit by day, and a casual musician by night. He has recently dabbled in short stories and poetry, but has never really had the guts to submit his work to the scrutiny of the masses.

Victoria Clayton Munn is a freelance writer and mom who lives in upstate NY. Her essays have been published in The Imperfect Parent, and she ghostwrites for many different non-fiction websites. Victoria is currently working on many ideas for poetry and short fiction, in between changing diapers. Her favorite pie is Lemon Meringue - chilly, tart yellow filling crowned with shiny peaks of white fluff, the kind you find at all-night diners.

F.H.Ponomarenko teaches in the English Department of Vanier College in Montreal.   She has published short stories widely, including a collection entitled The Parcel from Chicken Street.   She also writes poetry.

C.S. Reid holds a BA in English Literature from UCLA, and a MFA in Writing & Critical Theory from Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, CA. Completed works are: Sifting Among Fragments (2003), a poetry collection, published by OCAD; and Ash & Remembrances (2006), a short story collection. Currently, she is an elementary educator for the LAUSD.

Samuel D. Southwell holds an AA degree from Saint Petersburg Jr. College. He has studied screenwriting, creative writing, psychology, criminal behavior, American literature, British literature, and Shakespeare. He recently published a book of short stories entitled Twisted American Fairy Tales (available at and is currently working on a comic book series as well as a few other projects.   He lives in Saint Petersburg, FL with his girlfriend and two children.