‘Gravity Blues’


    Do you ever feel heavy? Weighed down? Do you ever wake up in the
morning and have difficulty climbing out of bed? Do you ever have that
dream where you're flying? Do you ever look at birds wistfully, wishing
you could be one of them? Well, then you need to come on down to Rick's
Ephemeral Zero-G Pavilion! Here at Rick's you can soar like an eagle, a
falcon – heck! You can even fly like a pigeon, a bat, a dragonfly or a
mosquito if that's what you want! The point is you're flying. Yes, really flying.

    There are no ropes, bungee cords or harnesses here. Just an honest-to-goodness,
zero gravity, domed pavilion. Here at Rick's we give you only the best;
no one else in the country besides NASA has an honest-to-goodness,
zero gravity dome. And this isn't an empty dome either.

    No, sir! We have multiple artificial environments so that, if you so choose, you
can swoop above the tangled jungle, the sprawling countryside, even a
scale replica of New York City! Yes, here at Rick's Ephemeral Zero-G
Pavilion, you can do anything.
    Areas of Rick's are available for birthday parties, bar mitzvahs,
honey-moons and other special occasions. Bring kids, adults – heck!
Even bring pets! Everyone is welcome at Rick's Ephemeral Zero-G Pavilion.
Never before has there been anything like this, folks. Finally, humans
can fly with the birds; finally humanity will know what it's like to
lift off the ground, go soaring through the air effortlessly, above all
the trees, all the buildings, all the cars, all your troubles. So come
on down… or, should I say, up.
    Side effects, though rare, tend to happen to the majority of
visitors. These may include, but are not limited to, nausea, headache, loss
of bladder control, difficulty sleeping, panic attacks, vertigo,
depression, severe injury, death or debilitating addiction.

    Rick's Ephemeral Zero-G Pavilion: Has gravity got you down?