Like Soldiers...

Beth Townsend

Get smooth and silky legs,
Then everyone will want to sleep
With you.
And I'll be leaving your hair full of
vitality and shine
That way you'll stand a chance.
Your dress makes you look twelve
and fifty, simultaneously.
Your silky-smooth legs are fully body-polished
and your polished body is just what they want.

Rows and rows of packets
of 'product'
Lining your shelves like soldiers
Waiting for orders to
Attack! Dismantle and destroy,
Then rebuild, regenerate and guard
This new you.

I don't recognise you,
You're no longer fifty-twelve,
A body of silky smooth precision,
With a line of lovers backed up against the wall,
Like soldiers waiting for orders to
Attack! Destroy and tear you apart,
Reveal, revitalize?

Your dress looks fucking fit,
On the floor.