Freak of Nature

Jeanette Johnson

She stands with her hands
On her hips, looking in the
shop window. She doesn’t
Notice her reflection or her
Black hair falling long and
Shiny like a panther’s eyes.
Her boyfriend sees the group of
Young men watching her.
Her svelte figure has them mesmerized; a pack of lions
Watching their prey. Her hands
Drop casually by her side as
She admires the glass trinkets.
As she turns away the sun
Catches the light in her eyes. Her lashes
Long and dark, frame her eyes like
Reeds around a sparkling pool.
She smiles at the man she loves
And remembers how she chose her yellow dress to please him.
He raises his heavy hand
And slaps her face.
A tear trickles over her tanned cheek
Now burning red, angry. “Fucking
Flirt,” he spits as her mouth quivers,
Silently. She turns around and
No longer notices the glass trinkets.