Street Art in Boston

Carissa Halston

It started in Cambridge,

            late 2004

(Labor Day weekend

            when Santa was real)

October found pilgrims with interest in stock

and target practice outside (then) Someday

2005 brought




—long before anyone put them on planes—

Women assassins,

and stick figure gifts,

Mosaic Men (Mega!) throughout Central Square

Centipedes, scissors littered the sidewalks,

            Are now all but gone under so many feet.

A jaunt ‘cross the river

            brought more snakes, it seemed

and shortly thereafter

            2 + 2 = 5

2006 ushered most of the rest:

Dave McKean influences part of Comm Ave

Faces on footbridges

Fancified text

Pumpkins in time for All Hollow's Eve

A spray of pink roses to cover blue paint,

            White stencils,

            Word stencils,

            Robot with girl

One word per brick

and a cry for high fares:

            a stone's throw away from a one-eyed bear's head

2007 and already gone are the face from last summer

            and fanciful X

In their stead, all over the city, crop up more characters,

            and stamps selling sex.

Pencils on Exeter

     Doodled extraterrestrials

            Anime faces

                        OK on the wall

Art is on dumpsters, in alleys, on bridges,

            Even the naysayers add to it all.