Issue Fourteen Contributors

Wendy Chapman, 29, is a small town girl who escaped slow death via culture-less, parochial boredom by moving to the Live Music Capital of the World (Austin, TX). Here, she fell hard for a rock-n-roller, and is finally able to write love poems. She passes the days by designing jewelry, auctioning stuff on ebay and preparing for zombie Armageddon. Feedback is welcomed at:

Lisa Gorsuch has been an editor and writer much longer than strictly necessary. The majority of her work consists of technical documents that make excellent bedtime reading. She will have the pecan pie, thank you very much.

Louise Graves - I have been writing short fiction and poetry for about three and a half years and have had publications in Open Wide magazine, Literary Mama, Nr1 Magazine, Smokebox and Poetic Hours amongst others. I also had an excerpt from a poem used by the BBC in promotional material for one of its websites. I live amongst the beautiful surroundings of the northwest coast and the lake district in England and write regularly with the author Alex Keegan's online writer's group, Bootcamp. I like Blackberry and Apple Pie, how my grandma used to make it.

Julian Jason Haladyn - My poems and short stories have appeared in, among others, Ditch, Elimae, Identity Theory, Istanbul Literature Review, Laika Poetry Review, Nthposition, and Otoliths, as well as the collection Nuit Blanche: Poetry for Late Nights (Toronto: Royal Sarcophagus Society Press, 2007). My first poetry book, titled 17/13, was published in September 2007 by Blue Medium. I have also published collaborative critical articles and reviews with Miriam Jordan, including a chapter in Stanley Kubrick: Essays on His Films and Legacy (McFarland and Company 2007).

Carissa Halston, writer/director of Cleavage and author of A Girl Named Charlie Lester, is the contributing editor of apt. Her work has been published in print and online, in the United States and the UK. Kirkus Reviews recently said of her debut novel, "Charlie is a gem...a lovely piece of female confessional." In 2005, she co-founded Aforementioned Productions. Carissa lives and works in her head and shares that space with the ever-talented Randolph Pfaff.

Charlotte Jones is a former management consultant who decided to do something more creative with her life and now spends her days writing, taking pictures and playing the piano.   Her essays, short stories, poetry and plays have appeared in over 60 literary journals including Zygote in My Coffee, Nerve Cowboy, Barbaric Yawp and Bordersenses.   Her favorite pie is pecan, made with Kahlua and real Texas pecans. . . or maybe it's cherry, then again, her mother's lemon meringue is pretty darn good. All she knows is she has trouble making pie crusts in Houston, Texas because it's too humid.

Oleh Lysiak pimps figured hardwoods to support his writing habit. He makes wood toys for his grandsons and rides an 85 K100RS for therapeutic reasons. He recently acquired a 1953 Hudosn Hornet to restore. Lysiak has written three books.

Christopher Major lives in Stoke England. Poetry in numerous print and online ezines. Free recently published online Echap of concrete poetry at

Randolph Pfaff is a (Pulitzer) prize fighter. He stalks his opponent, looking for the weakness that not even the opponent recognizes. He studies pugilism the way some people study the work of James Joyce. Though undefeated, he crumbles in the presence of coconut custard pie. (The Contributing Editor would like to note that Randolph is not normally such an egregious a-hole.) (The Editor would like to note that the Contributing Editor is correct. Mostly.)

Lukas Sherman teaches High School English. He has published a few short stories and poems in random magazines and online sites. He recently parted ways with his writing group, citing "creative differences." Lukas went to school at Wheaton College and Boston University. He lives in Portland, OR.