Julie Baber graduated with a BA in English Language and Literature and Theatre from Smith College. At Smith, she was awarded the Ruth Forbes Eliot Poetry Prize and studied poetry writing under poet Jack Gilbert. Also at Smith, she was awarded the opportunity to have dinner with Gwendolyn Brooks, and she ended up with most of her dinner in her lap out of sheer nervousness. She lives in New York City and is currently obsessed with pantoums.

Aslynn Brown is currently the manager of a small group home, with great aspirations. She soon plans on juggling nursing school in there somewhere as well. Amateur opera singer, with a sad lack of venues and a writer with a sadder lack of time, Aslynn is busy, busy, busy living and working in the 'great' Granite State. (She's also single and pretty cute. Hint hint.) (Disclaimer: This biography is actually an autobiography.) (PS. "Hi Mom.")

Jaime DeLanghe - On May 16, 1986, my mother gave birth to the screaming pink bundle of a human being that was to become me. Soon after, a series of events was set into motion that would lead to the growth, formation, education and eventual death of me. As I write this, our narrative has not yet reached its dire conclusion. Rather, I am lodged in the midst of an education at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. Actually, that is completely incorrect; in fact as I write I am sitting in a coffee shop in Minneapolis (my second home) taking a break from my life as a student. By the time you read this little biography however, I will inevitably be back in CT, working my way toward a bachelor's degree in English, in-between shifts at the art library.

Bradley Fink - For most of 28 years Bradley has lived on the southern east coast of Florida. Since earning his writing degree from Florida State University, he has accomplished nothing to speak of other than to blow the bulk of an unsubstantial inheritance from his grandmother. At the moment he is somewhere far away on travels around the world. He wants you to know that Argentina is very beautiful country. Thailand as well. He suggests that you take the time to visit those places some day. Meanwhile he is experiencing life, contemplating and making notes. He hopes that you like his story here. He wishes you a wonderful day...

Carissa Halston is the writer/director of a show called Cleavage. She's not big on pastry, but apple pie a la mode is mighty fine when it's the middle of the night and you're in a diner making eyes at that special someone across the table. She is a contributing editor at apt magazine and co-founder of Aforementioned Productions.

Monica F. Jacobe's creative prose has appeared or is forthcoming in Crosscut, RY-K-RY: A Quarterly Literary Journal, Prism, The Ampersand, and several themed essay collections of women writers. For the last two years, she has been writing two monthly nonfiction columns that appear in two community newsmagazines in DC. She earned an MFA in creative writing at American University, where she studied with Richard McCann, and is working on a doctorate in American literature at The Catholic University of America. Monica teaches creative writing at the Capital Hill Arts Workshop in Washington and runs a multi-genre literary reading series for DC-based writers that focuses on small press authors and those in the early stages of career called A Space Inside. When she isn't doing literary things, she is struggling with the very hard choice between apple pie a la mode and pecan pie with whipped cream.

Naomi Kaye is 18 years old. She hails from Oakland, California but now spends most of her year attending Sarah Lawrence College in New York City, where she writes, dances and stuffs her head with knowledge and prefers to spend her money on comics, bubble tea and art museums.

Pete Lee's former occupations include army sergeant/counterintelligence agent, federal intelligence operations specialist, private investigator, newspaper reporter, and social worker. Recent online publication credits include Eratio, Prose Toad, Thieves Jargon, MA:zine, Winamop, and Big Toe Review. His favorite pie is Marie Callender's.

Angela Lovell is an award-winning playwright, director, screenwriter, and podcaster. Once a writer at Universal Studios and MTV, she now freelances for magazines such as's Happenmag. Angela can be found in Brooklyn touching her tongue to her nose, petting strangers’ dogs, and pretending she's Peter Pan. See her best side at:

Sue Miller, whose favorite pie is either strawberry-rhubarb or peach, depending on which is in season, lives in Connecticut with an assortment of goldfish. Her stuff can be found in VerbSap, The Harrow, Right Hand Pointing, Tryst, Gin Bender Poetry Review, Whistling Shade, The Story Garden, NFG, Green Tricycle, Tattoo Highway, Zygote in My Coffee, Salome, Prose Toad, and

Chad Nevett was born, raised and educated in London, Ontario, Canada. His work has appeared online, in print and on stage.

Amy Schoenwald considers herself a revolutionary and a poet but is never quite sure whether or not she is living up to either of those titles. Amy grew up in the suburbs of New York, craved adventure, and came to San Francisco, where she is currently enrolled in school majoring in comparative literature, volunteering with SFWAR (San Francisco Women Against Rape), and working with STARC ( One day, she hopes to teach English and overthrow the government. She thinks the first aspiration is probably more likely than the second.

Dario Sulzman -After graduating Umass Amherst, Dario Sulzman moved to Brooklyn where he works at job that involves counting on one's fingers. He is a contributor to
TravelGoat Online Magazine and is the Hasidic Beat Reporter for Block Magazine. A cherry pie killed his father.

Violetta Tarpinian - I've been brought up by an atheist father to believe in original thought and by an adventurous mother to believe in the romance of life. I live in Eugene, OR, supposedly the anarchist capital of the US, but nothing much really happens here, which is fine with me. I write poetry, stories and novels, play baroque and renaissance music on recorders and earn my living as the secretary treasurer of the local musicians' union. If I don't do anything I sit in my garden under my linden tree. I have published some work in the previous issue of apt and the June issue of unlikely stories 2.0.

Maw Shein Win lives in Berkeley, California. Her work has been published in journals such as Watchword, Shampoo, Instant City, and Hyphen and has recent work in Progress Chrome, Goetry! and Red Hills Review. She is the editor of Comet and was recently awarded a summer residency at Marin Headlands Center for the Arts for 2006. Her favorite pie? Coconut cream. Definitely coconut cream.