All I am Saying is...

Ragan Leah Willis


I'm sorry you are in a funk, he said

                        (tongue-tied and twisted, words

                         like verbs and nouns

                         collide without sound)

                                                Thank you, I said

                                                (that is to say: Listen,   I am   trying to say

                                                something )

You're welcome.

                I am sorry I am down

                                                (or dead, or just indisposed/ out-of-sorts

                                                                or out of my mind for awhile)


Anything I can do to help? he asked . . .

                        [hear what I am not saying, then

                                                      tell me what I've said so I

                                                      can hear   it too]


                                                            No, thank you.


                  You're Welcome.