Carissa Halston

Are we doomed?
Are we doomed to repeat history?
Are we doomed?
Are we fated to be mated with our father's choices, dated?
Will we laugh and court and say what they did to our mothers?
Waltz, like they did...

Are we here to lead ourselves down paths worn weary
Heavy with their steps so very
In comparison to our own small feet,
Locked inside their counterparts, meet
Every toe and heel and soul sweet,
You feel you've

Are we cursed?
Are we cursed to become family?
Are we cursed?
Are we cursed to live out all the details,
Sealed in concrete from when she failed,
Passed to us upon our birthdays

Come to think now, there are worse ways...

And how I've fought and struggled to stand here on my own
That now I come to realize that I was not alone.

Are we doomed?

Can we never make our lives our own?